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8th Annual 
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When you enter the St. Nicholas Church Cookie Wonderland, you will be greeted by
a helpful Cookie Walk "elf" and asked to make a very difficult decision -  what size 
box(es) to buy. There are two choices. 

If you are giving the cookies as a small gift or this is just for you, the Festive Holiday Take-out Container is ideal. You can fit a good variety of cookies inside. The Bakery Box is perfect to bring to a holiday gathering, share with colleagues or for a family. We will even put a beautiful bow on the box ready to give as a gift to others or just as a present you give to yourself. 

Now the fun begins! You buy an empty box and are given a plastic 
glove. It is now time to "take a walk" through a delectable array 
of beautiful holiday confections. You fill your container with as 
many of your favorites as it can hold. Please remember - 
We must be able to close the lid! We recommend to walk around 
the cookie display to make sure you see all the potential cookie 
options. There have been many times that we have heard "oh no - 
I'm only half way through and my box is nearly full!" 

Once your selection is complete, our It's a Wrap station will be 
happy to seal your box with a ribbon and it is ready for giving.
How A Cookie Walk Works...

Part of the fun of a Cookie Walk is to see how many cookies you can pack in your container. Many people walk up and down the aisles to figure out which cookies they will select. The trick is to put the heaviest, most hearty cookies on the bottom and then build from there. Put thin cookies along the sides and fill-in spaces with the petite cookies. Be sure to save the most beautiful cookies for the top. You will be amazed at how many cookies a perfectly packed box will hold. 
Festive Holiday 
Take-out Containers 
Bakery Box sealed with a bow

Our cookies freeze very well. You can literally take your box of cookies and put it into the freezer (although we do suggest putting them in a freezer bag or plastic container). 

TRUE STORY: One of our parishioners found a box of cookies tucked away in his trunk... in February. He still ate them and said they were as delicious as when he bought them at the Cookie Walk in December!
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